Services, knowledge and experience

Design Systems +


  • Deconstruct complex briefs with research and discovery
  • Content management planning and configuration


  • Prototypes and wireframes
  • Site structures
  • Functional specification documents
  • User journey workshop facilitation


  • UI libraries, patterns and Design Systems
  • Detailed and complete design deliverables
  • Product design evolutions and iterations


  • Manage projects and team priorities day-to-day
  • Facilitate studio work and team 121s

Skills and knowledge

Figma / Sketch / Marvel / Invision

I have many years of experience and enthusiasm for new and exciting ways to bring ideas to life faster and efficiently. The current generation and explosion of tools such as Figma and Sketch enable rapid prototyping and feedback of ideas that make presenting a picture of a website in a PDF in an email a distant memory. These services are the point where I can start to built UI libraries and Design Systems.


I know my around accessible and semantic code and it’s benefits. Not only does it allow me to build sites like this one, but work closely and understand the needs of developers. Should designers code? Should coders design? It’s something I try to understand and practice more holistically.

Static site build tools

For some sites, tools like Jekyll and Hugo have matured to become extremely powerful site builders that don’t need databases. Combined with additional 3rd Party services such as Forestry that commit to a git repository - enables us to have CMS editing tools without a database. These sites that can be very fast.

Craft CMS

An early adopter, I have built and project managed many sprawling content heavy sites with Craft CMS. The ability to build powerful relationships between content has been it’s most powerful feature. I can plan a content structures and clear build strategies to get the most from this powerful product.

HTML email and email Service Providers

I can advise on email campaigns, strategy and technical requirements. With particular focus on ESP platforms such as Mailchimp and Adestra, it’s important to develop a design strategy that recognises the technical parameters and potential of email.

Project management

I know what is needed to smoothly manage a project from rough sketched idea to launch and ongoing iteration. Email and spreadsheets will only take you so far when working in a team, an I’ve experience using and managing all the major productivity tools from Trello to Basecamp and back to Asana, TeamGantt and Jira - and join them up when needed.