We got off to a good start but I need less in my life

After a number of months, it’s become apparent that I can’t handle running the alpha version of Omnifocus anymore, it’s been really great, the software is stable and the central ideas are working fine. But it’s just getting out of hand, and if they don’t nail down a feature set and look and feel soon, then the app is just going to bloat and get in the way, when the central idea is to GTD (Getting Things Done for those not taking communion) and get out of the way. The context view has just got a new layout, and I’m presented with so many options and views, the best thing to do was just walk away and leave it. At this rate it’s going to end up the bonkers experience that is iGTD with all those priorities and flags and even more options for what biscuits need to be eaten from the tin a week tomorrow.

Not to worry as perhaps the new version of Mail in Leopard will solve all my organisational needs? However, if you can’t change the font from Marker Felt then we can say cheerio to that as well. Yes, I want to change it to Comic Sans. Apple can do some stylish things but they will insist on getting their hands dirty with some complete naffness every so often.

If it’s all about simplicity then perhaps TaskPaper will satisfy my GTD needs? I’m having a look and it’s very promising as it can’t get any simpler. But it may be too simple for me with no syncing or printing (yet).

I’m not finished with Omnifocus yet, but we’re going to take a break for a while. I’ll come back in a few months when iCal syncing and printing works better. But like all the best GTD systems and with change to my workspace on the horizon, I need to design my own system that works for me.