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Still near the top of my to-do list after many months, is to get my bookmarks more organised. I’m about halfway there at the moment but it’s a never-ending exercise. Whilst starting to utilise ma.gnolia, I did hit upon one solution to the pain of website testing in multiple browsers.

By adding a test site to your ma.gnolia bookmarks, and tagging it with, say, “dev”, I can then see my test sites in one go. Of course, this page, which has the url, can then be added to all the browsers I test in to their homepage. So instead of having a blank page open everytime I use IE, I’m straight off to a list of my test sites, which thankfully is always up-to-date thanks to all those clever bookmarklets.

So I’ve now stopped typing so many urls, and then being directed to the MSN search page for one tiny mistake. So why didn’t I think of that before?

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I haven’t gotten into using sites such as ma.gnolia or to manage my bookmarks… I just use foxmarks to sync work and home url’s, and use the login on foxmarks to access them if needed.

I can’t do the tagging though, which would help filter my mass urls down when needed.

Posted by Laura Zucchetti on Monday, March 05, 2007 at 20:35 GMT