Some realignment notes

NOTE: Archive from 2011


After a few years, and a few false starts, welcome to a new version of my site. If you’re familiar with my previous site, then what you’re looking at isn’t a radical overhaul. Why so long? Almost every designer will tell you, your own material is the hardest to realise, but I’ve always tried to stay true to what I believe – I’ve was happy with my website and ‘brand’ and it got good feedback, so why change for the sake of it? I didn’t need to redesign. I always fall into the camp what Cameron Moll would call; a Realigner.

The work I do has progressed and developed in the past few years and the old site didn’t reflect that. This site isn’t finished by any means and there are a few additions to come yet.



At some point, you’ve just got to get stuff out of the door. As things stand, this site has been many months in the making and in which time many many more articles, frameworks and practices have come along forcing me to question my approach, so whether it’s adaptive or responsive, adheres to strict html5 semantics or misses a few CSS3 fancy tricks is irrelevant – in the same way the best camera is the one you have with you, this version of my site is the right site at this time.

I’ve taken various starting points and overall I’ve been helped along by Andy Clarke’s 320 and up, Steffan Williams who is thrilled I’ve butchered his Gridinator. There’s plenty of Javascript in here with scripts adapted from Two Spy, Jörn Zaefferer, Nathan Smith and Build Internet. The site is (still) built on Expression Engine foundations with additions from Lodewijk Schutte, Causing Effect and Nick Cernis. Lastly, Typekit.

Notebook (was Reportage)

Once of my main reasons for remaining with Expression Engine – I almost ditched everything but I do occasionally have moments of inspiration, The design is refined and removes sifr, links and other clutter.


Long overdue, and again, a difficult area to get right. However, after much research and bouncing ideas around, simple is best – please, if you want to know more, I’m more than happy to talk through my approach and ideas.


Many thanks to Jon Hicks, John Oxton, Steffan Williams, Graham Bancroft, David Hughes and Matt Hamm for being their help and feedback.

The future

There’s much more to come in the way of enhancements and pad out the About page, and with any luck start producing many more words. I’ve a list of article ideas like most people – I just need some time and space to actually produce the content, rather than just dumping thoughts on Twitter.


  • Twitter Icon inspiration taken from Pegoretti windows
  • Get all the A Book Apart titles
  • Still got Charlbury station on the homepage, but it won’t be here forever
  • Logo. Still undecided how the best way to go about this is. Image, Background image? Text? Many issues.


2nd Sep 2011 – I have added the excellent Flexslider by Tyler Smith to the homepage.