Ideas of March

A return to posting something longer than 140 characters.

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After seeing so many Ideas of March posts and tags starting with Chris Shiflett, and this being 31st March, it’s time I posted something here. I’ll keep this short and sweet, nothing like the big stuff from Matthew Pennell, my inspiration for this post.

Recently, I’m one of many who have become increasingly frustrated at the both brilliant and transient nature of Twitter, and it boils down to this:

I can’t keep up.

What I need to do is concentrate on what is important to me and get organised with people and stuff I don’t want to miss. The permanent nature of the blog or website gives greater focus. It’s more than 2 years since I last posted anything here - a post (to which I still get emails about) involving Garmin GPS and OSM but I’ve posted to Twitter thousands of times - and changed my avatar even more.

In the past 2 years I’ve done so much great work with so many great people, which has in turn led me to meet so many more great and prolific people both locally like (one example) Emily Carlisle and further afield (Brian Palmer being just one example). I could say much more here if I could just get over what I should post (work, techy stuff, conferences, meetups, what I pretend know about cycling) and what I shouldn’t (home life). Also, while we’re here, I don’t think RSS is dead, it is perhaps even more important, but that’s another discussion.

Twitter will continue, it’s great, but I think we could all perhaps benefit from a wider perspective. Will I post more here? I should, and I will try to do that - it may even kick me into making the site design re-alignment live.