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OK, I’ve been going though all my bookmarks and stuff - and here we go:


I promise, stick with it, it’s GENIUS and is the best thing since sliced ciabatta. No, really.

First up. The way Safari handles RSS feeds is a bit crap. The same goes for Firefox. I think the best way is a dedicated reader. My recommendation is NETNEWSWIRE LITE - it’s the free version of a cheap program. It lets you quickly build up a collection of RSS feeds which you can group etc. Anyway - the ‘LITE’ version link is towards the bottom of this page:
There are other ones but this is the best.

Now go to Safari preferences and change your Default RSS Reader - like mine:

RSS Prefs

Now when you click the blue RSS icon, Netnewswire will open and subscribe to that site, and there be feeds. Once you have Netnewswire set up, you can just refresh and all the sites will be checked for updates. You’ll get the hang of it.

Here’s some to get you going:

Also. Some generic - what the F is all this RSS stuff…
If it’s good enough for Auntie, it’s good enough for me.

My favourite basic explanation:


INTERESTING SITES - in no particular order/relvance:

Airbag Industries is completely brilliant: - check out the anchors and the bear.
One of my favourites - it’s a bit old skool - not built well, but the imagery is great.
Basic idea done well:
Nice photos - bit dull but nice grid:
Nice nice nice: I wish this was my site/work - in fact I’ve slightly ripped this off! :
Simple layout but effective:
Serifs done trendy american: which was designed by this lot:
Simple and colourful:
And other:
Its that grid again:
A collective:
A bit cold I think:
To the point:



Nice site AND This is what we’ll be using kids!
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