Figma insights for this week

Some nice resources to get even more from Figma

I’ve been quietly singing the praises of Figma as a design tool for a while now. Designers are rather spoilt for the moment, but at the moment, the shared document model with “multiplayer” modes is my favourite wonderful feature for distributed teams.

Using Figma heavily for the past few weeks I’ve been pushing it hard on what I want it to do (it’s not letting me down), but there’s always something else to pick up and learn.

I want to quickly highlight though this monster post - Best practices: components, styles, and shared libraries from Thomas Lowry which honestly serves up a list of pros and cons for different ways or organising your work.

I can also recommend diving into Multiplayer Live with Thomas and Josh Dunsterville where they enthusiastically talk through and demo ideas and capabilities.

It’s a great way to present a good friendly overview but pick up little “power user” tips… like prefixing a component name with an “_” will stop that component publishing.