Emergency ID wallpaper for the iPhone

If you are out cycling, running or walking on your own, it’s quite possible you won’t be carrying any ID. Although normally completely oblivious to danger, there is always a small chance of being involved in an accident or even developing medical difficulties. Luckily I don’t have a condition that would mean I would carry some ID (ICE - In Case of Emergency appears to be an acronym in common usage also), so it’s about time I did.

This, I hope, is a quick and cheap way to place my identity and some contact information on my iPhone (which tends to go everywhere) wallpaper. This is so that the people identifying me will be saved a lot of hassle, because at present they wouldn’t have much to go on, but by activating the phone, they will have some basic information.

Below is a Photoshop template where you can add your own details, save as a flat file, and then transfer to your iPhone/iPod touch. I have a iPhoto library that just contains wallpapers that I sync via iTunes. You can then easily set the wallpaper.

If you want something more physical, particularly if you are a runner, then there are some good solutions out there. I particularly like CRAMtags, and there are plenty of options available from Road ID.

If anyone knows what the ideal information is to place on your ID, then please let me know.

Download Photoshop template - ZIP [2.2MB]

Just the red telephone box?