One of my favourite and indispensible bits of freeware on the Mac is a small menubar utility called iSnip. iSnip basically keeps a history of your text copied to the clipboard, which then can be accessed instantly from the menubar. It has’nt been updated for over a year now, which is slightly concerning - even though it works brilliantly with 10.4.7. In addition, you can store sets of clippings for all time, so for example, I’ve a folder of lorem ipsums in varying lengths that can be just pasted instantly into any app. But what I’d really like it to do is the ability to store images as well.

So I did a little bit of digging around Macupdate and revisited iClip, and discovered a newish app called PopCopy. For me, iClip is just to overbearing and lacks the simplicity of iSnip. Clippings are available in a pop-up draw which can be activated from the menubar, it works, but it’s just too many clicks.

PopCopy is more like iSnip, but it seems to lack maturity. You can’t fully evaluate the software without fully buying which I just find a bit odd, and there is a pop-up window acivated on everything you do. The keystroke invoked display of recent clippings in a tab-switcher style is nice, but seems limited to the last three clippings, and my experience with iSnip is to have at least 30.

So for now it looks like iSnip is going to stay in my menubar - which is no bad thing. But what is encouraging is that the link from Macupdate points towards an url containing ‘isnip2’, so is there an upgrade forthcoming? Time will tell, but if not, I’d love to see a company like Panic taking over such a great simple app.