Brakes not included

Nice bikes at Cykelmargeren

The attitude towards cycling in Copenhagen is a shocking contrast to that of the UK. Proper cycle lanes away from the traffic, the ability to cross the city safely, and the feeling that two wheels are quite the thing to be on. The Danes arguably know a thing or two about design, not everything is perfect, but I like the overall sense of simplicity, clean lines and minimalism.


Stumbling upon Cykelmaragen, a basement boutique specialising in fixed and singlespeed bikes, several parts of Copenhagen come together. You have a cycling culture with a sense of boho chic, simplicity and high moral green credentials that are pretty much a given. I swear some of the frames are reconditioned (the downtube gear bosses tend to point towards the 20th century) with some great paint jobs. I couldn’t confirm this with the staff, but either way, I like it.