11 things I would like the iPhone to have...

…by the end of June or not long after. With iPhone/iPod touch apps round the corner, here’s a quick list I’ve been meaning to publish for a while. As well as this sort of thing from Mr Van Damme.

  • Things, it is promised
  • Proper Flickr client that can upload to said site from the photo library
  • Something to download pics with the Apple Camera Connector and add to the photo library
  • Twitter client
  • Light metering
  • Proper RSS Reader from the NetNewsWire people
  • Full on GPS app, that will read a from Bluetooth GPS module. (I don’t want to hear about battery life)
  • Texteditor
  • FTP client
  • Unit Converter
  • Weather app of some use, in fact, all the info from the met-office will do